Paradise 9 The Archetypes – 29th September 2017



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  1. August 29, 2017    

    Paradise 9 are very pleased to be returning to the King Arthur on Friday 29th September. Special guests

    will be local heroes The Archetypes.

    Now in their 20th year they are celebrating by bringing out a double live album “20th Anniversary LIVE

    1997 ~ 2017” featuring live recordings from gigs and festivals from their inception to present. The

    album features ex-members from previous line ups, to the present line up, Gregg McKella on

    vocals,guitar/glissando guitar, synth FX and clarinet, Tyrone Thomas on lead guitar and backing vocals,

    Neil Matthars on bass and Wayne Collyer on drums. The album also features guests Nik Turner (Space

    Ritual/ex-Hawkwind) on sax and flute, and Jaki Windmill (Pink Fairies/ex-The Deviants) on djembe and

    backing vocals amongst others.

    “…. I really dig the way this band plays some straight up space rock and then also some more aggressive

    punky, punchy material and then some really spaced out at times.” Scott Heller – Talking About Music

    The Archetypes are a five piece band from Glastonbury and are;
    Tim Hawthorn: Vox, Bass
    Laura Tupker: Vox, Percussion
    Richard Mason: Vox, Guitar
    Andy Bull: Synths & Keys
    Greg Willow: Drum Kit

    “From the wobbly bivouac of psychedelic space rock emerges Glastonbury’s second loudest band. A group of

    brightly coloured pan-galactic zing thrubblers serving up a smorgasbord of Space Punk, Stoner Rock, Acid

    Jazz and 60’s Psyche finely tuned to explode ecstatically in your head all at once.”

    “Tim’s lyrics betray a beautiful intelligence, a mixture of deep emotional, intuitive, other-dimensional

    and mental understanding and tenderness melded together with the power to reach in and enchantingly

    transport you to another plane.”

    “Better than Fraggle Rock.”

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